December 21, 2009

The wonders of Technology now for Smokers to Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the worlds most complex problems facing humanity. in the past every country was a viable candidate to spread the habit by enticing people to go get a cigarette. Well, of-course there are now laws in certain countries prohibiting smoking ads let alone trying to entice people into departing their money for a smoke.

Smoking is a drug and as such is a big business. Who knows what is added to cigarettes - for certain their no therapeutic value in smoking other than a mental addiction going on in the mind of the smoker.

Freind if you're a smoker then there is chance that you will stop smoking in the next few months. First, you will need to persevere on your journey to take the addiction out of your mind. The next step is to remove the addictive feelings from your body and finally the third step is to tell yourself that you've wasted so much good health and money and that you will never again go back to smoking ever.

So next time you think of smoking just remember it is not easy to give up the habit but it's not impossible. The stronger you believe this the better you will tackle head on the addictive sensations.

September 15, 2009

For Smokers Who Can't Quit Smoking ... read on

20th Century has been the century where man has poisoned it's own species from the hazard of lifes indulgences that leaves anything to be desired for.

This world has been subject to heavy poisoning since men of ignorance or pure greed has put so much money into the pockets of few at the expense of human health.

I know that many people out there can't kick the habit of quit smoking. But don't despair my good friend. There is now a product that lets you smoke without the chemicals that is present in the conventional standard cigarettes. It is the 21st century's new patented invention designed and developed by intelligent and caring people.

An electronic device that gives you the joys of smoking without the side-effects of smoking. Imagine a cigarette without the Carcinogens. Yes. It's finally hear.

Did I mention that it can save you money as well?

Well, yes, now neither your health or your pocket needs to loose out. Keep your health, and save your money.

This is a new product so go look and see what's the fuss. As I've mentioned it is for smokers who can't quit smoking. Also note you must be 18+ to be eligible here in the US or most western countries to buy cigarettes.

Save money with smokes


January 25, 2009

Addictions Generate Big Money for Companies

Hey, welcome!

This is horrific. Look at the graph below and tell me what you see. It is an industry making money for the scum of this world. Yes, scum of this world.

These soulless people who push these poisonous and addictive things into people should all be taken off-world and placed in a  black-hole.

Seriously folks this is crazy.  We live in a world where poisoning our brothers and sisters seems to be fine. The governments of the world are turning a blind eye to all this while our children, parents and grand parents feed themselves these addictive and poisonous crap into their bodies.

I am so sick to see all this displayed here like this.

  • According to the 5 most expensive addictions to the US with an estimated annual cost in terms of treatment expense and loss of productivity are alcohol ($166 billion), smoking ($157 billion), drugs $110 billion, over-eating ($107 billion) and gambling ($40 billion).

Most expensive addictions

It's all money money and more money for the dealers. They've captured humanities spirit in a never ending cycle of death.

Shame on those who think smoking is a great thing and the same goes to those of other addictive substance abusers. Even being fat is considered an addictive trait. If only all those fat people of the planet can spare a dinner or two per week to those affilicted with starvation in one of our poor countries who have no money to feed its citizens.

Go to hell! This planet is in a worse state!


October 04, 2008

Ghosts and Smoking Addiction - Possession!

This is an interesting connecting this worlds problems with interfering entities from the other side of. Literally the other side - life after death.

Discerning The Ghosts 'In Hiding' Vs 'Manifested' In People | Spiritual Research

The most dangerous aspect of demonic possession

At the point of full manifestation during a spiritual healing session, the ghost is generally at its weakest.

The real danger is when the ghost controls a person through stealth, with the person unaware of the possession. The ghost makes the person it possesses act according to its will. Even though a person is possessed, there is generally nothing dramatic or deviant in the behaviour of the person.

Addictions are just one example of insidious possession. Society thinks of addiction to cigarettes or alcohol as a psychological affliction, when actually it is a case of possession. At times, a person may show serious aberrations in behaviour due to the controlling ghost. Ghosts can make a person do things that are completely contrary to their personality, for example a conservative woman by nature behaving in a promiscuous manner.

For more information please click the one of the above links.


Lets be frank. What is the one thing that is required before anyone can quit smoking or for all things that one is addicted to and needs to quit the addiction.

The answer is within everyones grasp - it is not something that needs to be ingested or injected or patched or xrayed etc. It is simple, more that a thought away. It is something that everyone has and probably for most who are addicted to something is hidden away within the dungeons of ones mind. Our lifes are riddled with gifts waiting to surface at a moments calling. These gifts are within us just a thought away.

You see when we live our lives we first have to create everthing - yes everything - first in the minds eye then we unceremoniuosly without a thought of conciousness live that which we have created first in our minds. Addiction is not something that is thrust upon us - it is our doing. It is your doing and you alone who has carried it all your life have nutured it - fed it and craved its existence. It is all out doing.

Harsh thoughts for a world that is already dazzled with mutlitude of lifes harsh paths. Once again we have created that which we have basically dreamed of - whether conciously or not. We have asled for the circumstances without realizing that they appear in our lifes and we simply live that which we have dreamed.

Without going into too much psycho babble I would just like to say this simple thing: What we have created we can uncreate or simply change it's path.
The title says determination - if one lacks the determination to change then forget all the patches, the needles, the pills, and the word that makes me sick like - "try" words. Determination is the first step to letting go of the affair you've created. Let go and your day will change - I promise. Learn to let go and be determined in you mind - simply let go.

The rest is history. These simply steps are the beginning to the end of the old way of you.

That's all for this post after a long time away doing other work.
Thank you for readiny my post.
Bless You.


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